0830 - 0930 AM

Registration for BankTech Asia 2023 - Sri Lanka Series

0930 - 0940 AM

Opening of BankTech Asia Sri Lanka 2023 by Chairperson

0940 - 0945 AM

Welcome remarks

0945 - 1000 AM

Keynote Speech: The State of BankTech in Sri Lanka: Exploring Sri Lanka's Digital Frontier

The speech will cover ways in which the banking industry can align its sustainable development goals, social responsibility, and financial inclusion at the heart of its business strategy. The speaker is expected to discuss emerging trends and technologies that can help financial institutions in their efforts to promote sustainability and inclusivity while driving growth and profitability. The speech may touch upon issues such as green finance, ethical banking, microfinance, and social impact investing. how banks can invest in environmentally responsible practices.

1000 - 1045 AM

Panel Discussion: Right at It - Emerging Trends for 2023

Explore with panellists on the potential impacts cutting-edge technologies have on the banking industry. The discussion will cover topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT), and how these technologies can drive innovation and transform banking operations. The panellists will also examine how emerging trends such as digital transformation, open banking, and customer centricity are shaping the future of banking.

1045 - 1115 AM

Morning Refreshments

1115 - 1200 PM

Panel Discussion: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainability Banking

While sustainable happens to be the buzzword for all banking trends, the question remains on how committed banks are? Panellists will explore the current state of sustainable practices in banking and discuss emerging trends and technologies that can help financial institutions in their efforts to promote sustainability and inclusivity while driving growth and portability.

1200 - 1245 PM

Panel Discussion: The Role of AI and Machine Learning (ML) in Cybersecurity: Advancements, Risks, and Best Practices

AI and machine learning can be leveraged by cybersecurity professionals to strengthen cybersecurity measures and reduce the attack surface by proactively
identifying and mitigating potential vulnerabilities. However, cybercriminals can also exploit AI and machine learning algorithms for malicious purposes, underscoring the need for robust security measures to protect against emerging threats in the digital age.

1245 - 1400 PM

Networking Luncheon

1400 - 1445 PM

Panel Discussion: AI and Automation: Shaping the Future of Customer Experience

The interactive session on AI and Automation will explore how emerging technologies, i.e. chatbots, voice assistants, and personalized recommendations are
transforming customer experience and engagements in the banking industry, making processes more efficient, and saving banks money in the long run. Speakers will also look at the potential issues, such as privacy and ethics and which practices are considered the best for the future of customer experience in banking.

1445 - 1530 PM

Panel Discussion: Money Everywhere: The Power of Embedded Finance

Panel discussion will focus on the transformative potential of embedded finance in the financial services industry and how embedded finance can unlock new revenue streams and opportunities for financial institutions. It can be used as one of the main instruments to promote financial inclusion and improve access to financial services for underserved populations.

1530 - 1600

Afternoon Refreshments

1600 - 1700 PM

Panel Discussion: Prepping for the Metaverse Experience

A new world of opportunities is emerging thanks to the metaverse. Risk will be present, but banks were developed to manage risk. Join the panellists as they
discuss the metaverse vs traditional branch and how banks can leverage it to reconnect with customers and form meaningful relationships throughout the customer journey.

0830 - 0930 AM

Registration for BankTech Asia 2023 - Sri Lanka Series

0930 - 1030 AM

Panel Discussion: The Future of Digital Banking: What’s In for 2023

The session will discuss the latest advancements and trends in digital banking. Experts in the field will share insights on how banks can stay competitive and offer customers a personalized banking experience by utilizing digital technology. Additionally, the session will cover both the challenges and opportunities associated with digital transformation in the banking industry.

1030 - 1100 AM

Morning Refreshment

1100 - 1145 AM

Panel Discussion: BaaS: Maximising Opportunities for Financial Inclusion

This session will focus on how financial institutions can leverage BaaS to transform their business and utilise it as one of the ways to greater financial inclusion. Panellists will discuss the cases and success stories of BaaS implementation in Sri Lanka and beyond.

1145 - 1230 AM

Panel Discussion: The Future of Open Banking and API Economy

Experts from the banking and fintech industries will share their insights and experiences on Open Banking and API economy, and how it is transforming the way banking services are delivered. Learn the challenges and opportunities for banks to adopt Open Banking and API technology, the role of regulators in shaping the future of Open Banking, and the potential benefits for consumers.

1230 - 1400 AM

Networking Luncheon

1400 - 1445 PM

Panel Discussion/Standalone: From Traditional to Digital: Blockchain-Powered Cross-Border Payments

Through the use of a distributed ledger system, blockchain technology enables parties to safely and immediately transfer value without the involvement of
middleman. Using this technology, cross-border payments may be made quickly and cheaply while simultaneously increasing security and transparency. Hear from the expert on the major challenges of adopting this technology; from getting everyone onboard to feel at ease as well the clarity needed in crypto market regulations.

1445 - 1530 PM

Standalone: Data Analytics and AI: The Future of Banking Decision Making

This session will explore how data analytics and AI are shaping the future of banking decision making and offering insights on the challenges and opportunities presented by these technologies, the ethical considerations that come with the use of data and AI, as well as the impact on the workforce and the future of banking jobs.

1530 - 1600 AM

Afternoon Refreshment

1600 - 1700 PM

Panel Discussion: Neobanking in Sri Lanka: What the Future Holds

Though user penetration is still low in Sri Lanka, neobanking is expected to grow exponentially by 2030, especially with a young demographic of Sri Lanka. The
discussion will focus on the challenges and opportunities faced by neobanks in Sri Lanka, the regulatory landscape, and the potential for innovation in this space. The panellists will share their experiences and insights on how neobanks are disrupting the traditional banking sector, the role of technology in driving innovation, and the impact of neobanking on customer experience.