iPhone 7: Implications on Financial Services

t’s no secret that since the first iPhone was launched in 2007 it has inadvertently transformed the way we go about our banking activities. Prior to the proliferation of apps, mobile banking was almost unheard of, these days if you are any bank of note you are likely to have a mobile banking app. While […]

Malaysia’s Fintech Landscape: Key Developments & Opportunities in 2017

We’re almost halfway through 2017 and what an exciting year it has been for Fintech in Malaysia, there’s been rapid developments in this space over the course of these past 6 months. We thought it’d be appropriate to highlight some of the key developments in Malaysia during this exciting period of time. If you’d like to […]

The Evolution of the Payments Landscape in South East Asia

The whole payments sector is experiencing an unprecedented rate of change, bringing considerable flux and undermining traditional models. The Asian region is not immune to these disruptive changes, over the past few months I’ve observed many interesting developments within the region. QR Code Payments Notably, in Thailand there is a concerted push from players like […]

Fin5ive: Global Fintech Challenge Winners

In collaboration with Matchi for the second time, we’ve recently launched the Fin5ive Challenge to source five groundbreaking fintech solutions to showcase at the 9th BankTech Asia conference and exhibition in Kuala Lumpur from 5th to 6th July 2017. We’ve been running BankTech Asia for 9 years in Kuala Lumpur, and we are increasingly seeing banks being more open to collaborating […]

Stepping Out From the Shadow: Corporate Banking Technologies

In this day and age, very often when we speak of innovations within the FSI and Fintech space, the norm is to have a very heavy focus on retail banking. From chatbots to wearable banking, a quick glance of what’s making headlines in this space tells a narrative of digital innovations centered around improving the customer experience within […]

Sneak Peek into Indonesia’s Fintech Regulation

Indonesia’s banking sector much like other parts of Asia is ripe for disruption from Fintech. While the banking sector has always been the cornerstone of economies, being the monolithic entities that they are, there are many gaps that can prove to be difficult to fulfil. Regulators from around the world and Asia are very aware […]

The Emergence of Fintech: Where Does Malaysia Stand?

Fintech is a space that we’ve been operating in for the past eight years and a space we have observed for an even longer time. It is truly an exciting space to be in at this day and age. Years ago, subjects related to fintech and banking technology were highly esoteric. Speak to anyone outside […]

Which 3 Malaysian Banks are Working with Fintech Companies?

These days if you are within the financial services industry ecosystem, the biggest challenge of your day is to have an entire day go by without hearing the term “Fintech is going to eat banks for lunch” – Everybody (Though it’s highly recommended that you do not eat banks for lunch as it is neither […]

Quick Take: Will Brexit Crush London’s Fintech Scene?

Source: http://www.politico.eu/ To many of us in the industry London is the King of Fintech in Europe and arguably one of the most vibrant spaces in the world, for fintech startups to flourish. The recent shocking news of UK exiting the European Union will have massive and far reaching implications. This is my quick take […]

How Philippines’ banking will look like in 2020

By Elyssa Christine Lopez |Entrepreneur Philippines | May 25, 2016 GOING DIGITAL.  BSP Core Information Technology Specialist Group Bank Officer V Anna Racines said the proposed NRPS framework would hopefully eradicate consumers’ initial hesitation to use digital banking. Photo by Elyssa Lopez / Entrepreneur Philippines With the onslaught of Bitcoin and online shopping, banking and financial institutions are forced […]

How Financial Technology Companies (Fintech) can Complement Bank Services, Products

By Imee Charlee C. Delavin, Reporter Business World Philippines FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY (FinTech) firms are seen to complement the products and services offered by banks, providing growth areas for lenders to expand market reach and tap the unbanked sector. FinTech companies were earlier seen to play an increasingly important role in the financial services industry — gaining substantial […]

The State of Fintech in Philippines – 3 Notable Examples

Philippines is a fascinating market, HSBC predicted that in 2050 Philippines will be the 16th largest economy in the world, 5th largest in Asia and largest in South East Asia ahead of its neighbours like Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.Yet, despite being projected as a fast growing economy in the region, Philippines is riddled with many fundamental issues […]

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