BankTech Asia 2018 – Kuala Lumpur Regional Series

Finding a platform to gain and discuss ideas on the emerging technologies within the banking sector?

The 10th Annual BankTechAsia is back on the 24th and 25th July 2018 in Kuala Lumpur. BankTechAsia is a strategic platforms that connect and influence bankers around the world on topics that are ‘hot’ in the evolving banking technologies. Don’t miss out on presentations by industry leaders, regulators, bankers, fintech though leaders and solutions providers delivering topics ranging from blockchain, fintech, regtech, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, technology risk, digital transformation and other pertinent issues within the technology space of the banking industry.

Our 10th Edition of BankTechAsia Kuala Lumpur brings together 230 bankers, 85 exhibitors and sponsors, 37 speakers, 30 start-ups and 5 regulators to ONE platfrom, BankTechAsia’18!


YB Dato’ Ir Haji Amiruddin Hamzah
Deputy Finance Minister, Malaysia
Ramesh Pillai
Chairman of the Board of Governors
Institute of Enterprise Risk Practitioners
CS Gill
Country Manager
Infobip Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd 
M. Ajisatria Suleiman
Executive Director
Indonesian FinTech Association
Alison Grun
Business Development Director
Asia Pacific Software Group
Laetitia Moncarz
Director Payment Markets – ASEAN Region
SWIFT Singapore
Devabalan Theyventheran
Senior Managing Director, Innovation Lab
CIMB Fintech, Malaysia
Dominic Wu
Managing Director & Senior Risk Manager
Asia Pacific, BNY Mellon
Kalyani Nair
EVP, Head of Virtual Banking & Payments
Sandeep Varma
Head of Innovation
DBS Bank India
Azrul Madisa
SVP – Head of Digital Delivery
RHB Banking Group
Theo Nassiokas
Director, APAC Cyber Security
Barclays International
Mohammad Ridzuan Abdul Aziz
FinTech Association of Malaysia
Dennis Koh
Head of Mobile and Digital Products
Retail Digital Bank, UOB Bank, Singapore
Vishwanath Gurav
Manager – Presales APAC
Aurionpro Solutions
Ajay Sirmokadam
Manager – Presales UAE & Africa
Aurionpro Solutions 
Andreas Kurniawan
EVP Digital Transformation
Mark McKenzie
Senior Financial Sector Specialist
The South East Asia Central Banks (SEACEN) Centre
John Wong
Chief Executive Officer
Fidelity Asia Bank
Paresh Khetani
Head of Enterprise Solution Evangelist
TIME dotCom Berhad
Roberto Ramirez Pinson
Retail Risk Data Strategy Global Lead
Kanags Surendran
Head of Digital Banking
Ali Hakim
Regional Sales Manager
ASEAN, Akamai Technologies, Inc
Sandeep Bhalekar
Assistance Vice President
Bank of America, Singapore
Jaspreet Singh
Regional Technical Specialist Asia
United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)

Conference Agenda

0900 – 0915
Opening Remarks

Converting currencies have always been a headache to anyone that is travelling overseas. The wait at currency converters is unbearable, even worse if they don’t have the currency that is seeked for. OCBC recently launched OCBC OneCollect, Malaysia’s first merchant cross-border quick response code (QR Code) collection service. The service allows consumers with a bank mobile app of Singapore’s PayNow participating banks, will be able to make payments in Singapore Dollars at eligible merchants in Malaysia. This session focuses on:

  • What strategies is OCBC using to attract Singapore consumers to use OCBC OneCollect where consumers have the options to walk to a currency converter for a better rate than the bank’s offering? 
  • With the COVID-19 pandemic fear rising, consumers are opting for contactless payment, as such, is the OCBC OneCollect platform ready to receive a high volume of transactions in one-go?

Traditionally, customers relied heavily on banks for cross-border payments, however, lately these customers switched to fintech companies as the rate is lower and convenient. As of recently, Malaysian banks have also introduced new online platforms of cross-border payments to accommodate its customers’ demand to transfer money overseas. In this session, hear from the panelists on how remittance fintech players can work along with banks to enhance and provide a seamless transactions for consumers along with providing new innovations that ease consumers to transfer money abroad, making sure financial crime risk is controlled.

1030 - 1100
Morning Refreshments & Tour of Exhibition Hall

Banks have been hit with a tidal wave due to COVID-19. Customers have to face the realities that things are changing, and find ways to do things a little differently. Even countries like Germany, that love their cold hard cash, have increased their adoption of contactless payments from 35% to 50% just from the start of 2020 according to the Association of German Banks. Contactless payments have been around but now due to COVID-19 more people would rather use the contactless payment option. In this session, the panelists will discuss on: 

  • Will contactless payment be the new mainstream for payments in banks around the world?
  • With the high demand of contactless payment, will banks opt to upgrade their payment infrastructure and to partner with fintechs to provide convenient and smoother transactions?

Contactless payments are no longer the future but the present of payments. According to the Country Manager of Visa Malaysia, 38% of consumers are carrying less cash than they did 2 years ago, and this number is predicted to rise in the coming years no doubt due to the contactless payment revolution. With the adoption rate of the currently on the rise, it is a perfect opportunity to improve contactless payment for excited users. In this session, the panelist will discuss on: 

  • What are some of the factors that banks leverage on to innovate contactless payment services?  
  • What kind of new and exciting features can the contactless payment industry push out in near future?

Festivals are always looked forward to by everyone, no matter individuals or businesses. Banks have taken this opportunity to create services that provide convenience and better customer experience. With the “new normal”, Maybank expects a 30% increase in volume of eDuit Raya transactions to be performed. Enhancement to the eDuit Raya features were made to make sure consumers were comfortable to use it and to continue to use for the upcoming years. In this session, hear from the expert on:

  • On what basis, is Maybank enhancing their eDuit Raya technology to make sure consumers are widely accepting it during the festive season? 
  • With the MCO in place during Raya celebration and if there were any errors in transactions took place, were customers given the accessibility to customer service or any kind of help online? 
  • What strategies were used by Maybank to make sure there were no security threats or concerns occur during the rush hour of usage of eDuit Raya features.
1245 - 1400
Networking Luncheon & Tour to Exhibition Hall

Last year, to push cashless nation, the Malaysian government disbursed RM450 million via e-Tunai Rakyat initiative, where it benefited 15 million people. The transaction via e-wallets tremendously increase to a total of 89.86 million e-money users as of October 2019. This panel discusses, are banks losing out to e-wallets providers and what innovations that banks may introduce to attract back these customers in using the banks facilities.

As of March 2020, a sudden peak of digital wallet transactions were reported by Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA). The transactions grew by 17% against the average monthly growth rate of 6.7%. Overall, there were about 36 million digital wallet transactions made in March. In this session, hear from the speaker on:

  • How CBA is leveraging this data to understand customers’ preferences to deliver services that are seeked? 
  • Is CBA looking into partnering with other payment gateways? What kind of criteria do these payment gateways have for CBA to work with them?
1515 - 1545
Evening Refreshments & Tour to Exhibition Hall

Digital banking has contributed to the ecosystem of paperless world and real-time delivery with secured transactions. Going paperless, have provided in-depth analysis of customers’ spending patterns, centralised information for banks to view customers’ background of commitments and payment patterns and many more. In this panel, the panelists will be discussing how banks are using data gathered to assist their customers for managing spending and addressing tax requirements. Hear also on the innovations with digital banking where banks introduce digital receipts for customers to manage a better supply of items needed rather than over shopping.

As of early this year, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) proposed to issue up to five digital banking licenses to qualified applicants whether conventional or Islamic banking business. The idea of this license is to provide opportunities to businesses like e-lender and e-wallet to be able to meet the needs of underserved and unserved banking segments. This panel will discuss on, how banks should propose to work along with these license holders in understanding the technologies that are used to attract the market segment and the security concerns that the customers are not worried about.

Voice activated device usage is increasing in the US where 1 in 10 consumers are using voice activated smart speakers such as Alexa, OK Google and Siri. The age group of 18 – 34 year olds are the highest consumers of smart speakers and 11% of them are using the speakers to conduct bank transactions, 12% are using to pay bills and 10% to send money to others. The percentage of interest in using voice commands is increasing, however, security is the concern. In this panel discussion, the panelists will address the interest of Malaysian banks to allow customers to use voice activation smart speakers to conduct banking transactions and the security concern of using this tool.

End of BankTech Asia 2020 - Payments & Transactions

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