Stream 1: Payments & Transactions

Blockchain in Payment

  • What is blockchain?
  • The next evolution of Payments
  • Can blockchain play a role in payments


Stream 2: Retail Banking Technologies

Bringing Cloud into Retail Banking

  • Globally retail banks have been enjoying the full benefits of cloud services.
  • Malaysian retail banks have not fully enjoyed the full value of cloud until now.
  • Malaysian retail banks can now enjoy cloud services, but is it safe.


Stream 3: Technology Risk Management

Data Compromise and Theft – The No. 1 Operational Risk

  • What do banks need to do to further protect their data?
  • Can technology such as AI and machine learning mitigate this risk?
  • How can banks close the gap on these vulnerabilities?
July 25 @ 16:15
16:15 — 17:05 (50′)

Ali Hakim, Jasmine Ng, Paresh Khetani, Roberto Ramirez Pinson