Stream 1: Payments & Transactions

The Digital Transformation in the Banking Sector

  • The 4th Industrial revolution leading to the digital era in banking.
  • The evolution of Electronic Banking to Digital Banking. What is Digital Banking?
  • Successful FinTechs – Who are they and what they do? Can they sustain?
  • The Future in Virtual Bank
  • Current challenges of the banking sector and how can banks gear up for digital transformation?


Stream 2: Retail Banking Technologies

In Conversation: Digital Banking and the Preferred Interface

  • Moving forward, what is the preferred user interface?
  • Smart devices and IoT – creating new points of customer engagement
  • What is the return of investment to the bank and the risk of not “doing it all”.


Stream 3: Technology Risk Management

Cloud – Enabling Change Securely

  • TIME BFSI Cloud can provide a multitude of advantages to BFSI customers locally.
  • As Banks use cloud to roll out various digital products to enable their staff and partners to be more productive, acquire and service customers anytime, anywhere. What are the risks?
  • What banks must do to gain competitive advantage, while ensuring the availability, reliability and security of their digital services.



July 25 @ 15:00
15:00 — 15:45 (45′)

Ali Hakim, Andreas Kurniawan, John Wong, Kanags Surendan, Mark McKenzie, Paresh Khetani