Stream 1: Payments & Transactions

Bringing Banking to Digital – Pattern and Architecture

  • Digital Transformation in large scale nationwide bank is not without its own set of challenges. A large part of these are around software development and architecture.
  • Legacy systems, ever-changing technology space, shrinking budget, new software development philosophies and software development skillset and fast governance are some of the more prominent of these challenges.
  • In this paper, we are highlighting these challenges sharing some patterns and approaches to help mitigate or solve some of these problems.


Stream 2: Retail Banking Technologies

Financial Inclusion and How Technology and Partnership are Impacting the Lives of Low Incomes

  • Technology as an enabler to serve the low income and how the trends across the world are shaping up.
  • Putting customer back into perspective and what should be the vision of success look like (access or usage).
  • What do people expect from financial services to do for them and how they see that across their life cycle needs?


Stream 3: Technology Risk Management

Incorporation of RPA in Risk & Compliance

  • Leveraging Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in risk and compliance issues.
  • AI integration in RPA to manage greater complexity in risk and compliance.
  • Data quality management.


July 24 @ 16:15
16:15 — 17:00 (45′)

Azrul Madisa, Dominic Wu, Jaspreet Singh