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BankTech Asia 2020 - Manila Series Conference Agenda

“We are elated with the way financial institutions have been at the forefront in assuring customers’ data are safe and secure,” Lilia Guillermo, Managing Director of BSP.

Rapid changes in the banking industry have caused banks to rebuild their organizations as staying the same is not an option. The 4th annual BankTech Asia is back on the 17th and 18th March 2020 in Manila. BankTech Asia is a strategic platform to discuss new ideas and latest technology available. Attend and gain in-depth insights on Digital Transformation, Payment and Retail Technology, Compliance and Security from industry leaders, regulators, bankers, market disruptors and solution providers. Be in the forefront of your industry while learning from the practical case studies and comprehensive discussions regarding issues that matter to your success. Our 4th edition of BankTech Asia – Manila Series brings together more than 150 bankers, exhibitors and speakers on a singular platform.

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Registration of BankTech Asia 2020 – Manila Series
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Welcome Address
09:10am - 09:30am
Opening Remarks by Mr Selva Nagapan, Organising Chairperson, BankTech Asia – Manila Series

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) together with other stakeholders created the 20 by 2020 campaign which fills the gap and prepare financial institutions for digital disruption via the Digital Transformation Accelerator Program (DTAP). Based on the Inclusive Digital Report (IDF) by FINTQnologies Corp. (FINTQ), 77% of Filipino adults who are currently unbanked and 80% of financial institution respondents claims to have limited capacity to digitalize their processes. In this discussion, BSP will layout the journey to success of the 20 by 2020 campaign.

The rapid movement in technologies have caused many models of innovations to banks such as chatbots, artificial intelligence, voice-assistants and others. With the help of these, customers now enjoy a 24/7 service with a click away from the website/ mobile app. Moreover, the time of facing a grumpy customer service representative is gone and a welcome to the self-service banking platform.

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Morning Refreshments & Tour to Exhibition Hall

UnionBank is the first and only Philippine bank in the ASEAN Financial Innovation Network (AFIN) that has enabled its API Marketplace which allows innovative companies such as fintechs to tap into banking and other components. Predictions shows that at least 40% of fintechs in Philippines will be powered by APIs on UnionBank’s Marketplace by the end of 2019.
• What is in this for UnionBank?
• How are fintechs and other nancial institutions gain from the APIs on UnionBank’s Marketplace?

The Philippine government are in plans to convert the Overseas Filipino (OF) Bank as the first digital lender in the country with aim to serve 10 million of Filipinos who work and live overseas. The focus of OF is not only lending but also investments and insurance. In this session, discover:
• How are the Filipinos that are based overseas are gaining from this action?
• What are the future services that will continue to attract the Filipinos based overseas to continue OF?

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Networking Luncheon & Tour to Exhibition Hall

The smartphone adoption in Philippines are at 59%, however, with the country’s slow internet speed, banks are facing difficulties to tie their customers to pay for goods digitally. Based on a research by TheNerve in 2019, 1.3% of Filipino adults only are comfortable going fully digital and confident to use the online transactions.
• In this session, discover the readiness of Filipinos take on the digital delivery and how are they preparing to face the new era?

In helping to make it’s way to the inroads of Philippines, CIMB Philippines have launched as the country’s first all-digital bank. They have partnered with local brands to provide electronic distribution at scale. Withdrawal options are provided at over 8,000 partner locations and more than 20,000 ATMs nationwide with no cost.
• Are customers ready to move cashless?
• How much have customers fully used the all-digital bank platform?

03:45pm - 04:15pm
Evening Refreshments & Tour to Exhibition Hall

Experts in this session discusses on how banks and new players of payments are changing the way their business are done to create an ecosystem. Discover also how banks are collaborating with competitors and designing new core business to cater to the customers’ demands.

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Registration of BankTech Asia 2020 – Manila Series

By the first quarter of 2020, the central bank of Philippines is targeting to produce 16 million biometric national IDs with fingerprint, facial data and iris. This machine is crucial in building an inclusive financial system. The unbanked customers that continue to use digital payments are given the access to other financial services as well. This session will discuss on:
• What is the rate of unbanked that have been captured with the method above?
• What are the future steps to attract other unbanked customers?

Fintech have no doubt of blooming in Philippines, however, there are still several challenges faced in the development sector. Based on a research by PwC and E&Y, fintech firms are restrained to financial resources in Philippines.
• The Low rates of financial literacy and public resistance to digital products are the main factors.
• The banks of Philippines themselves are moving very slowly in adopting fintech and also the current fintech sector are also not operating at a scale. Hear some strategies on how to expedite the slow rate of fintech adoption.
• What are the next steps to be taken by fintechs to grow big in Philippines?

10:30am - 11:00am
Morning Refreshments & Tour to Exhibition Hall

In order to strengthen the resilience to cyberattacks, BSP have ordered all financial institutions to participate in a cybersecurity sharing platform shared by the Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP). BSP also requires all banks to report any data breach or cyber attacks within 2 hours of discovery and to present a detailed report.
• How effective is the platform above to the banks?
• Are banks fulfilling the requirements?

AI functions differently in different manners, one of the functions of AI is in fighting fraud. In this session, the discussion is shared on how AI is aiding banks globally in preventing fraud and protecting the customers. In this age of digitalization, learn also how banks are managing vulnerability and how AI is used as a tool to fight against financial crimes.

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Networking Luncheon & Tour to Exhibition Hall

Customers are the core items across all business and in order to retain them, the best customer experience should be served. Banks are moving into being a fully digital environment, however, are banks providing the right demand for the customers? This session explores on e-Know Your Customer (e-KYC) and how it can be implemented and practiced in banks?

Every new technology introduced comes along with its regulations. Banks are also tied up bank with regulations in accordance to the technologies introduced. In this session, discover regulations implemented by other countries in order to have a smooth banking experience and how banks are working around the regulations provided to make sure customers are not affected.

03:45pm - 04:15pm
Evening Refreshments & Tour to Exhibition Hall

This panel discusses on incumbents moving from traditional method of working to the era of digital. Discover how banks globally are providing unique and convenient banking experiences to their customers. In this journey of movement, hear from experts on how they have made sure that their customers always trust them in terms of privacy and security.