BankTech Asia 2020 - Kuala Lumpur Series
Conference Agenda

Guess who is back for the 12th year in Malaysia? Its BankTech Asia! BankTech Asia – Kuala Lumpur Series is bringing forward the most picked and essential topics discussed in the banking industry currently. 5 niche sub-sectors which are Regtech, Payments & Transactions, AI & Data Analysis, Virtual Banks and Cybersecurity are focused-on in second day of the conference. With the help of BankTech Asia’s advisory board members, professional speakers and experts are hand-picked to speak and share their knowledge and insights to the Malaysian banking industry. Come and join us to celebrate the 12th annual banking technology conference specially designed based on the hot and trending topics.

0900 – 0915
Opening Remarks

Based on the recent implementation of e-KYC by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), a set of safeguards are to be adopted. One of them is using liveness detection technology in ensuring the customer is a live subject and to detect impersonation attempts. This session will discuss on:
• BNM keeping tracks on financial institutions adoption of the safeguards.
• The acceptance of the implementation of e-KYC by customers.

The adoption of AI by banks throughout their operations have benefited banks in keeping them more informed, safer and profitable decisions. This session will discuss on:
• Financial management advisory using AI technologies.
• Prevention of fraudulent activities.
• Product customization on basis of customers’ individual needs.
• Achieving results with accuracy with the help of machine learning.

1030 – 1100
Morning Refreshments & Tour to Exhibition Hall

In July 2019, DBS have been nominated as the ‘World’s Best Bank’ in Asia by Euromoney magazine. They have been labelled as the first bank in Asia that lead digital disruption. This session will discuss on:
• What strategies DBS have been using in launching digital bank in India which acquired more 2.5 million customers and in Indonesia acquiring 460,000 customers?
• How is DBS keeping on their toes in providing an effective and efficient customer experience to their customers?

Biometric recognitions have been implemented in Malaysia since 2015 and to strengthen the security various recognition tools have been introduced from time-to-time ranging from fingerprints to facial scans. In this session, hear from the experts on:
• The future of biometric recognition – will banks opt to multiple or single verifications?
• Will 3D facial scans continue being a secure method of security?
• What other types of authentications are advisable for the banking industry to leverage on?

1215 – 1400
Networking Luncheon & Tour to Exhibition Hall

Hong Kong Monetary Authority have urged all banks in Hong Kong to leverage on API as currently there are no standards for APIs. A common baseline is needed by the banks of Hong Kong to communicate to one another. This session will discuss on:
• How banks are taking the effort into implementing API into their system.
• Working together in connecting the data with multiple players.

The transformation of technology has left no choice for customers to opt not to be digitally savvy. Customer-centric banking have taken over the traditional banking by providing useful information such as sending instant notifications of withdrawals and deposits with including location of payments to detect fraudulent use. In this session, discussion on:
• What are the downfalls for customers and banking industry with the customer-centric approach?
• What are the next steps that the banking industry will be implementing to provide a more secured transaction?

1515 – 1545
Evening Refreshments & Tour to Exhibition Hall

Bank of China created “smart branch” with the help of 5G technology to better improve and automate their services. Customers may access their bank services by only submitting their facial recognition scan and no need to present any other identifications.
In this session, BOC will discuss on:
• The successful stories of the “smart branch”.
• How are customers reacting to the “smart branch” implementation?
• Challenges that BOC are facing in maintaining and making sure the devices do not fail.

End of Day 1, BankTech Asia 2020 – Kuala Lumpur Series
0900 – 0945
Panel Discussion: Prime Concerns in Regulating Fintech

• How banks can support and collaborate with fintech companies with balancing risk and innovation?
• How important are sandboxes in testing new technologies?
• How is regtech addressing regulatory and compliance challenges?

• Managing and ensuring the data is secured in regtech.
• Data privacy in cross border, using cloud-based technologies.

1015 – 1045
Morning Refreshments & Tour to Exhibition Hall

• What are the benefits of manual versus automated fraud investigation?
• What are the financial crime risks with regtech?
• How is regtech managing the costs of regulatory compliance?

The win-win situation in regtech is one of the main reasons why banks are interested which are achieving more accurate and reliable results. One of the key growths of regtech is automation of regulatory reporting. In this session, hear from the experts on:
• How regtech is easing the banking industry on manual review.
• Bankers can concentrate on more important tasks such as a more skilled and value-added tasks.

1200 – 1400
Networking Luncheon & Tour to Exhibition Hall
0900 – 0930
No Worries of 3rd Party Interferences

With all the rising payment gateways, banks are in a threaten position as they lose their customer to them. Hear from Citi Bank what are in their pipeline of planning to attract back their customers such as Citi Pay All and retaining them for a longer moment. Discover the strategies and steps in creating the ecosystem to enhance the experience of their customers to stay put and enjoy the services provided.

In order to increase the security and convenience of business, Hong Leong Bank have introduced the first-in-market eToken. The eToken has a built-in authentication technology with biometric facial recognition for smartphones that meets the strict regulatory security requirements. In this session, hear from the experts of Hong Leong Bank speaks on:
• How does the eToken works?
• To how accurate is the biometric authentication?
• Are businesses satisfied with the eToken introduction?

1000 – 1030
Morning Refreshments & Tour to Exhibition Hall

AirAsia was known as a low-cost airline until they have expanded their business into different industries. Big Pay is one of the examples of the financial sector that AirAsia have expanded into. In this session, discover:
• Big Pay, Air Asia Group’s fintech launches international remittance services.
• Send money to selected overseas bank accounts with no hidden fees and extra charges.
• Additional services to be launched soon.

In the recent Budget 2020 initiative, the Malaysian government have introduced e-Tunai Rakyat program where encouraging the citizens in going cashless payment. The program is to opt Malaysian for a cashless, safer and efficient transaction. In this session, hear on
• The successfulness of implementation e-Tunai Rakyat.
• The advantages and downfalls faced by consumers in going less cash.

1200 – 1400
Networking Luncheon & Tour to Exhibition Hall
0900 – 0945
Panel Discussion: What’s to Come With Technology?

We can already see the major changes that banks have been facing and we believe banks will have to be prepared to face the various disruptions that will be coming along. In this session, hear from the expert sharing on:
• How predictive analytics is no longer a ‘need’ but it’s a ‘want’ for banks to identify customers best preferences and behavior traits.
• How and what are the feedbacks from the implementation of chatbots?

Based on a study by J.D. Power research, 78% of consumers are seeking financial guidance advice from the bank, but, only 28% of customers felt that they received guidance. With the help of AI and data, banks are moving into actively helping customers to track their expense rates and create customized reports to manage their customers’ finances better. In this session, experts will be discussing on:
• How banks have achieved ‘satisfied’ customers with the approach of efficient financial guidance.
• What are banks looking into to create better and efficient technology in helping customers to finance well.

1015 – 1045
Morning Refreshments & Tour to Exhibition Hall

AI have stepped up by venturing into the lending field in banks. Machine Learning (ML) of AI is able to identify non-obvious dependencies and determine hidden patterns in data. With its ability to process huge volumes of data and information, fraud and error seems impossible. In this session, hear on:
• Banks implementing ML in their lending systems to track on consumers’ information before providing the service.
• Banks receiving suggestions from AI on the lending proportions that is suitable.

In the era of banks facing the shift from brick and mortar to digital banks, AI have reached the stage to entitled its importance and efficiency to its clients. The challenge for banks now is looking into the future of harnessing AI in internal banking processes and improving customer experiences. Moreover, banks to leverage of AI to the maximum for optimum delivery.

1200 – 1400
Networking Luncheon & Tour to Exhibition Hall
1400 – 1430
Licensing Framework of Virtual Banks in Malaysia

Standard Chartered Bank has teamed up with PCCW, HKT Trust and HKT limited along with Ctrip Financial Management to establish a new stand-alone digital retail bank in Hong Kong. These partners have in mind to merge virtual banking into the service offering. In this discussion, discover:
• Business strategies that was used to implement the merge.
• Openness of the consumer to change from traditional to digital products.

1500 – 1530
Evening Refreshments & Tour to Exhibition Hall

Based on the tabling of Malaysia’s Budget 2020, the minister of finance has mentioned the anticipation of virtual bank framework in Malaysia. Companies like Boost and Grab have publicly announced their interest in exploring virtual banking license. In this session, discover:
• What are the intentions of these financial institutions in leveraging virtual bank?
• Are these institutions bound and will follow the guidelines setup by Bank Negara Malaysia?

Kotak Mahindra Bank, part of the top 10 banks in India, introduced the ecosystem of digital banking in a smartphone. All transaction, even opening an instant account are fully done online. In this discussion, the expert from Kotak Mahindra Bank will discuss on:
• The security in the system itself.
• The strategies used to curb against fraud of information.
• The effectiveness to continue serving customers efficiently.

End of Day 2, BankTech Asia 2020 – Kuala Lumpur Series
1400 – 1430
Measures Taken to Robust Cyber Hygiene

The recent security incidents in Singapore have alarmed the central bank of Singapore to take quick actions to prevent any other hacking incidents. In this session, hear from the representative of Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) on:
• What the cybersecurity measures to be taken to further prevent hacking?
• How MAS are making sure that the measures are been followed and implemented by all financial institutions in Singapore?

Airome Technologies specializes in the development secure mobile solutions for e-document management systems and remote banking services. In this session, discover:
• How cryptographic methods are in use of cybersecurity?
• How banks are doing that have invested in this technology?

1500 – 1530
Evening Refreshments & Tour to Exhibition Hall

• How do bankers expect and prepare for threats that none of the bankers know the existence of it?
• What approaches should bank focus on to keep their data and web secured?
• How vigilant are banks advised to be?

Open Banking has been widely used across all banks in Malaysia. Upon any payment transaction, the third-party payment app will direct the consumer to his banking account. In this session, discover:
• How trustable is open banking?
• How banks are making sure that the data shared with third-party is not misused or hacked?

End of Day 2, BankTech Asia 2020 – Kuala Lumpur Series


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