11th BankTech Asia – Kuala Lumpur Regional Series

Do not miss Asia’s most innovative and exclusive BankTechAsia Conference as we go to Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Philippines. Marking its 11th year being the leading Banking Technology event in Asia for a decade now, BankTech Asia – Kuala Lumpur Regional Series returns in 2019 to offer the latest insights, innovations and solutions for the Banking and Fintech industry. 2018, we saw a wave of disruption sweep across the financial industry with regulators and incumbents from the region each responding with their own strategy to fintech and other disruptions. In 2019 we will see more initiatives to be more proactive rather than reactive in order to remain relevant in this ever changing landscape.

Featuring highly interactive sessions, panel discussions, fireside chats, fin match sessions and also a pitch fest with themes ranging from Next-Gen Banking, Innovation & Financial Inclusion, Legal & Regulatory Compliance, Credit Risk & Identity, Payments & E-Wallets and AI & Data Analysis. The conference will also be discussing cutting edge, innovative solutions and technology that can help drive technology driven customer engagement and experience. Come and join us at the 11th BankTech Asia – Kuala Lumpur Regional Series 2019 to discuss hot topics around banking technologies and gain strategies on how to stay ahead of the competition.

Conference Agenda

10:00 am – 10:05 am

Opening Remarks by Chairperson – BankTech Asia 2021 – AI & Digital Banking

Kenneth Lim, Banking and Fintech, Digital Strategy & Innovation Expert, Malaysia

In Forrester’s report, AI was named the hottest trending technology in banking with the smoothness of the transition being overplayed with COVID’s acceleration to the banking’s digital transformation. There is widespread recognition that AI will make a difference in the customer experience as more banking software vendors and fintech partners build AI into their products, the accessibility of AI is growing. Hear from this session on:

  • Overcoming the data challenge: how can banks ensure that AI has enough data to learn effectively to engage, enrich and retain customers?
  • Monetizing the gold mine: how can AI be commercialized most effectively and how can banks as an ecosystem work together creating a clear AI strategy?
  • Visualizing the future: what will the AI landscape look like in 2025, steps need to be taken to integrate AI with legacy systems effectively

Manohar Chadalavada, Managing Director, Global Head AI, Ecosystems and Open Banking, Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore

Bank Negara Malaysia received 29 applications for a digital bank license under the Financial Services Act 2013 and the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013, following a 6-month application period, which ended on 30 June 2021. Malaysia is expected to see multiple entries with its capital requirement being lower enabling small time players with less capital, but with innovation on their side. Hear from this session on:

  • The increased pace of adoption and digitalization to handle various products for the next five to six years to ensure an integrated wealth management platform.
  • How digital banks with ‘underserved’ customers are to leverage on the digitally enabled technology architecture and experience centricity model with the imposed insight-driven strategies and actions to minimize potential risks.

Moderator: Kenneth Lim, Banking and Fintech, Digital Strategy & Innovation Expert, Malaysia
Speakers: Steven Wong Weng Leong, Chief Digital & Global Banking Strategist, China Construction Bank (Malaysia)
Devabalan Theyventheran, Partner, Vietnam Country Leader & Key Accounts, IBM Consulting ASEAN

Today’s customers are increasingly reliant on their mobile phones and they want their experiences on your app to be well personalized. Providers, fintechs and financial institutions always want to provide their customers with mobile experiences that are convenient, personalized, and seamless. In this session we’ll talk about:

  • Deciding what functionality is best to be integrated onto your application
  • Moving past the hurdles of system integrations and taking a close look at ways to leverage and action data and analytics
  • Analyzing the kind of personalization that business clients want versus the kind that consumer clients want

Ridwan Abdullah, Co-Founder & Strategy Lead, HelloGold, Malaysia

Most banks will turn to AI for decision-making by 2023. The existence of these various applications has assisted in directing decisions on everything from bank loans, risk assessment, automated customer service etc. Hear from this session on:

  • Connecting both front-end AI virtual assistants with back-end systems in banks
  • Banks plan to optimize its conversational AI virtual assistant in the future adjusting it to change according to customer expectations
  • Having done every operation manually for years, are banks equipped with the skills to oversee digital risk and the expertise to prevent or detect it before it makes a digital attack on customers data

Moderator: Utpal Chakraborty, Head of Artificial Intelligence, Chief Data Scientist, Top 10 AI Thought Leaders
Panelists: Mahesh Ramamoorthy, Chief Information Officer, YES Bank, India
Jason Hsu, Former Legislator and Member of Parliament Taiwan & Vice President, Taiwan FinTech Association

As banks enter the post-pandemic world, they face a consumer landscape undergoing sudden and radical change. Customer expectations have been transformed to make “anywhere, anytime” banking the norm. Perhaps
the biggest task for banks in the race to differentiate through digital, will be achieving hyper-personalization at scale and tailoring client experiences 1:1 to feel timely, relevant and credible. Hear from this session on:

  • Real-time decisioning of transactional, contextual and behavioural data to understand how to attract, transact and engage clients
  • Banks “IOT (Interactions-Orchestration-Trust)” framework in orchestrating every customer interaction from “touch to trust”, curated solutions, real-time sensing and decisioning, intelligent processes and industrialized data and digital platforms.

Neal Cross, Co-Founder and Chairman, PictureWealth, Australia & Former Chief Innovation Officer, DBS Bank, Singapore

With everyone glued to their smartphones these days, banks have been in constant work to seek various aspects to deepen customer engagement. Being in the constant sprint with other banks as well as big tech companies for customers’ attention, the idea of having to manage it all on a single app brings the appeal and allows the capturing of data, monetizing their attention and builds a sense of dependency. This session speaks on:

  • Maintaining a huge store in trust can be tricky. How have customers entrusted the banks with all information for every incorporated service managing their wealth management portfolio with possible tradeoffs to be made when it comes to the privacy factor?
  • Unlocking the value of data with analytics algorithms to increase the value of information for banks to make their way to the frontier of digital banking with a huge access to a large user database overcoming the vague siloed data infrastructure.

Moderator: Arvid Swartsenburg, Senior Director, Head Strategy & Partnerships, UOB TMRW, UOB, Singapore
Panelists: Mathew Joseph, Vice President & Head of Artificial Intelligence Labs for CIMB Bank, India
Arivuvel Ramu, Chief Technology Officer, Tonik Bank, Philippines

Providing a “white glove” experience to every customer in every channel can be quite costly, but it’s what customers are expecting and is therefore becoming table stakes. Thus, identifying ways to leverage AI to service
customers in delightful ways and drive ROI across multiple channels has been the way to go especially with the digitalization in banking. This sessions speaks on:-

  • AI’s usage to provide customers with an experience that drives business while also giving them more value.
  • Understanding different omnichannel solutions that are available and deciding who to partner with to drive these initiatives.
  • Using AI to bridge an data gaps you might have between channels.

Premkumar Chandra Shegaran, Lead Data Scientist, Omnilytics/Oxygen Resources, Malaysia

16:00 pm
End of BankTech Asia 2021 - Digital Banking

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