Conference Agenda

08:00 AM
09:00 AM
Welcome Address
09:05 AM
Opening Remarks By Mr Selva Nagapan, Organising Chairperson, BankTech Asia - Jakarta Series
  • The role of digital and changing channel dynamics
  • Sustaining agile, relevant and long lasting payment solution
  • What are we expecting to happen to the unbanked segment of the population in rural areas where bank branches and ATMs are absent?
  • Talk on implement a cross-channel, seamless mobile engagement strategy or risk losing customers
  • Multifactor authentication and  more secure infrastructure are among recent developments for improved account security
  • Provider of hosted private cloud-based Commercial lending and risk management solutions for financial institutions.
  • Providing a consistent, seamless and positive user experience (UX) across the board.
10:30 AM
Morning Break & Tour to Exhibition Hall
  • Use of biometrics in the industry
  • Financial Fraud: An Ever Present Threat for Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Growing Instances of IT Security Breaches Gives Rise to the Need for Strong Security Solutions
  • Spearheading Adoption of Biometrics in Financial Services Sector
  • Adoption of new digital devices has driven enormous change in retail financial services

Several state owned banks and government entities are working on blockchain-based applications, and the country’s financial regulator, OJK, has even encouraged its use.

  • Can Indonesia fully embrace blockchain technology?
  • How are traditional financial players responding to the challenge from fintechs?
  • Where do blockchain technology service providers see growth and potential in Indonesia?
  • Indonesia’s financial services and technology in frictionless payment transactions in the coming years
  • Choice of availing services as needed by embedding their services in their clients’ applications.
  • In this talk we will explore the essential component to develop techniques for building language interfaces as aligned with the business goals of the organization.

Access case studies from banks who have gone beyond regulation to deliver value through API’s with a focus on developer portals, marketplaces and partnerships.

12:45 PM
Networking Luncheon & Tour to Exhibition Hall
  • The mechanisms behind fraud checks, customer interactions.
  • Compliance and more are set to be fundamentally supported and in some cases even replaced by the rise of the robots.

Customer adaptability to watch robotics revolution and the future of AI in banking

  • Current trend
  • Financial institution adoption


  • Future expectation


Pitching session

03:30 PM
Tea Break
  • Pointing on Instantaneous alerts of how much you spend and where give users greater visibility on their spending habits, and sophisticated AI software offers helpful real-time advice.
  • Focuses on helping the customers do more with their money by offering bespoke advice and personalised product recommendations on a customer-by-customer basis.
  • Emphasize on keeping the design of digital services simple & Improve both chat and voice digital assistants
04:45 PM
End of Day One
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09:00 AM
Welcome Address
09:05 AM
Chairperson Remarks

Growth of digital outsourcing via the cloud will allow companies to uncover new sources of efficiency, but this creates cyber vulnerabilities and emerging risks further ingrained within the business supply chain. In this session we will explore on :

  • Placing the safeguarding of data at the core of sustainable digital finance
  • Closing the gap between incumbents’ digital aspirations and the reality of legacy IT estates
  • Orchestrate payments across  internal balance sheets to maintain multiple treasury centres and cross-border supply chains
  • Barriers to successful Fintech collaboration
  • Functional, practical blockchain opportunities to enable better banking
  • Must-know technical specifics
  • Roadblocks to improved interoperability, and how to overcome them
  • Chatbot, Callbot, Mailbot, SMSbot, Twitterbot, Agencybot, etc.: there is no limit to your imagination and the c
10:30 AM
Morning Break & Tour to Exhibition Hall


  • Recognising the digital challenges and impact of digital money to the society
  • Influence retail banking and payment innovates technology, improve consumer behaviour and regulation
  • Innovation in financial institution impacts customers



In this session let’s figure out how financial institutions are utilizing new analytics to empower employees at all levels to better understand clients’ needs and provide even more personalized services and solutions than bank managers of the past.

  • Conquering complexity technical limits, bottlenecks, and skill gaps with 3rd generation of BI.
  • Quick chat on components to add to traditional information architecture to transform it into a Data Science Architecture.
  • Big Data, Big Risk: Expectation from risk management groups in the banks and what does the Big Data evolution mean for risk management?
  • Investigating how data can uncover opportunities for profit by analysing customer trends and detecting your most profitable product groupings
  • Key insights on global cybersecurity trends and cyber threats in today’s rapidly-changing technology-dependent environment.
  • Case study on cyber-attacks and talk on emerging technologies such as block chain, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and big data to further enhance cybersecurity preparedness.
  • What is the weakest link in the cybersecurity?
  • What are the steps regulators and financial institutions considering in enhancing industry resilience, integrity and stability?
12:45 PM
Networking Luncheon & Tour to Exhibition Hall


  • Growing trend among youth who intend to work from coffee shops by making it possible to open a bank account.


  • Meet financial planning needs with artificial intelligence like Erica by Bank of America & Alexa by Amazon
  • Reorientation of old business processes on digital-natives to reduce Costs
  • Can banking organizations remain relevant in the future, or will they be replaced by fintech alternatives?
  • Seamless incumbents journey
  • Convenience, flexibility and efficient

Pitching session

03:30 pm
Tea Break
  • Comfortability with the idea of true automation—robotics, machine to machine, cognitive, and so on.
  • Working towards creating a culture which supports innovation
  • What’s needed on the talent front to compete with start-ups and with fintech companies?
  • Tech-therapy among leaders across the organization for a customer-focused initiative
  • Exploring what the most important leadership capabilities are for innovation
04:45 PM
End of Day One

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